Russian love bangle

Russian love bangle

A beautiful piece of jewelry featuring three interlocked rings, carries a wealth of symbolism. Recognized for its three silver bangles, each ring adds a unique dimension to its meaning, making it more than a simple accessory. This captivating piece of jewellery, with its intricate design, is steeped in tradition and carries a deep significance. Each bangle is made from 2.5mm thick sterling silver wire and given a hammered effect, by hand, to produce this gorgeous sparkly when the light hits it. The three bangles are soldered closed so that they are interlocking in a way so that they roll over one another going over the hand.  The open heart charm was a really wonderful addition, cut by hand out of chunky 2.5mm thick round wire.  The heart is soldered closed with the bangles running through the centre of it, holding them all together.

Please allow up to 7 days for delivery.

When ordering a solid bangle it is important to remember that the bangle needs to move over the widest part of your hand before it sits round your wrist. I make my bangles in three different sizes:

Small - 6cm inside diameter

Medium - 6.5cm inside diameter 

  • Large - 7cm inside diameter

  • If you have a bangle that fits you can use a ruler to measure the inside diameter.

  • If you don’t have a bangle to measure then please take a measuring tape or a piece 
  • of string/strip of paper to measure around the widest part of the hand. (See photo) 
  • Mark with a pen and measure your string or paper against a ruler to get the 
  • circumference and let me know.

If you require a size that is not included in my item size options please contact me

directly to discuss.

Care of Jewellery

Over time silver will naturally tarnish. To care for your piece of jewellery, clean with a little washing up liquid and a gently brush to remove excess dirt. You can always use a silver polishing cloth. The more you wear your jewellery the less tarnished it will be, as your natural oils in your skin will clear your jewellery.

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